Older News

Assembly of Lake Associations/Regroupement des Associations de Lacs (12/07/2010)
The minutes of the meeting are now available here. Le compte rendu de la réunion est maintenant disponible ici.

A new invasion/Une nouvelle menace (12/07/2010)
A new threat has taken hold in the Gatineau hills, be on the lookout for the Giant Hogweed.

Updated water quality readings (29/06/2010)
An updated spreadsheet with the latest water testing results is now available from the Water Quality page.

Past AGM minutes (28/06/2010)
Minutes from the past AGMs are available from the Meetings page.

AGM 2010 (24/06/2010)
To be held on 10 July 2010, from 11h00 to 12h30 at the Rupert Hall.

Water Quality Spreadsheet
A cumulative water quality report is available in this microsoft excel document.

Bleu Green Algae
The big news this year is that a number of lakes in the region have experienced Bleu Green Algae bloom. The problem is so wide spread through the province that the government produced newspaper and radio ads. 

To assist you in determining if what you see is blue green algea and to report its presence, a document has been written providing detailed instructions. The document is both in french and english and is available here.

This web site is an excellent source of information for maintaining a healthy shore-line, in particular for selecting plants when re-naturalizing the shore.

How to select a lake-friendly detergent
The March 2008 edition of the Protégez-Vous magazine has a review of phosphate-free soaps and detergents.  The article title is « Fini le phosphate? ».  The publisher, Éditions Protégez-Vous, has kindly given permission for us to reproduce the article on our web site. (TBD)