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2020 Annual General Meeting of the Lac Notre Dame and Usher Lake Association


Annual General Meeting - Online via Zoom, August 22, 2020, 10:00 am

Mandate of the association: “to promote, protect and preserve the quality of Lac Notre Dame and Usher Lake and the watershed environment of the Lakes to ensure their continued use and enjoyment by all”.

Constitution of the meeting - quorum based on registered members

Lisa Fast, president, opened the meeting.
By the time of the meeting, 40 members had paid their membership fees. 24 members joined the online meeting. Quorum requires at least 25% of members be present - so quorum was reached. Bylaws require that only members who've paid the $10 fee can vote.

Move to open the meeting by: Lisa Fast

Seconded by: Dave Hayward

Approval of previous year’s minutes

Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting meeting were approved.

Moved by: Robert Boucher

Seconded by: André François Giroux

Approve agenda for 2020 meeting

Moved by: Lisa Fast

Seconded by: Robert Boucher

Financial Report

Presented by Dave Hayward, treasurer for the fiscal year 2019 - 2020


Move to accept Treasurer’s report: André François Giroux

Seconded by: Robert Boucher

Your membership fees support the following:

Water testing report

Water testing report presented by Lisa Fast

Water level report

Board report on program that had been planned for 2019-2020

Move to accept the board and water testing report: Robert Boucher

Seconded: André François Giroux

Boat launch update - M. Desrochers, President, Bishop's Manor Association

About a third of property owners on Lac Notre Dame are also members of the Bishop's Manor Association. Bishop's Manor association members pay dues for road maintenance & other subdivision activities per the deeds of their property.

Marc Desrochers, President, joined the meeting to report that the Bishops’s Manor Association has (re)purchased property along the causeway on Ch. du Manoir from the municipality. Ch. Du Manoir was previously part of Bishop's Manor private road system, but it became a public road in 2009. Marc has applied for a permit to use the property as a private boat launch. The Municipality required an environmental assessment as part of the permit process. A biologist performed the assessment in July, and a permit may be approved in September. Marc hopes to have a functioning launch area for the fall boat removal with a fence and gates.

Marc's intent is that all property owners on the lake, and Bishop's Manor Association members, will have access to the launch in spring and fall via some kind of combination lock. It was acknowledged that some people from outside the lake do circumvent the current concrete blocks and put boats in for the day. A gate and fence will hopefully prevent that kind of day-access, and thus prevent the entry of further invasive species like zebra mussels and freshwater jellyfish.

Meeting participants agreed that communication and education about boat washing, wakes, and avoiding milfoil areas should be part of access to the boat launch. We agreed to add this education/communication to our Lake Association projects for this winter. Marc will keep in touch via email about the Bishop's Manor Association boat launch. We agreed to use the email list and website for communication about the launch, while making it clear that the launch is neither owned or operated by this lake association.

Update September 26: Marc tells us he continues to work through the many levels of the municipality's permit process.

Current board and election of new members

The Board meets 3-4x times per year plus the AGM.

Changes, new board members and resignations:

Moved by Lisa to add Bryan, Don and Brian as new members of the board, and to have Brian Cook take on the treasurer role. The motion was approved - 21 votes for Yes - 0 No.

## Members open issues

Proposed Association program for 2020-2021

Moved by Lisa Fast

Seconded by Marie Maisonneuve

Move to adjourn at 11:26 am

Moved by Lisa Fast

Seconded by Marie Maisonneuve