view of still water of lake says Preserve and protect the quality of the lakes and watershed to ensure their continued use and enjoyment by all with title Lac Notre-Dame and Usher Lake Association

2018 Lake Association Meeting

Join us at our Annual General Meeting to share ideas and concerns about the lakes, water quality and the watershed.

Watershed map of Lac Notre Dame and Usher Lake

The map shows all inlets and outlets into the lakes. Lots are marked. Water testing locations are marked.

Water testing results

The Association tests samples of water from the Lakes for phosphorus, nitrogen and E-coli on a regular basis. Volunteer and Lake Association member Carol Doré has collected samples for testing for over 10 years. Say Thank You when you see her!

2017 Summary: In August of 2017, at the end of a very rainy summer, all measurements were at or below the target levels for a healthy lake - except for some higher e-coli bacteria counts in samples at Usher Lake. These results may be from beavers in the area, or from human activity.

Protect the clean water we enjoy

We all enjoy the beautiful clean water. To keep it clean, each of us can keep soap, fertilizer and other contaminants out of the lakes, and preserve the natural shoreline. We’ve pulled together a handy sheet of tips to share.

Eurasian milfoil weed appeared in the lake over ten years ago. Some years, it can form a dense carpet on the lake’s surface, crowding out the indigenous plant species and harming fish. It’s an invasive species, brought in on someone’s boat or fishing equipment. Each tiny piece broken off by waves or boats can turn into a new plant. There are ways to reduce the spread.

About the Lake Association

Join the Association to help fund water testing, protect the quality of our water, get updates on water quality initiatives and contribute to Association activities like placing buoys to alert boaters of heavy milfoil weed areas.