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view of still water of lake says Preserve and protect the quality of the lakes and watershed to ensure their continued use and enjoyment by all with title Lac Notre-Dame and Usher Lake Association

2021 annual meeting will be August 21st, 10:00 am on Zoom

In 2020, 67 households were paid members. An additional $170 was donated towards water testing. For all of the discussions and news about the Bishops Manor Association boat launch plans, see the meeting notes:
* Action plans for the year, discussions and board elections: 2020 Annual General Meeting Notes

Blue-green algae appearance - Fall 2020

In early November, a slick of Blue-green algae was spotten in the island bay (near Ch. Corbei). Cases like this sometimes happen in the late fall for the relatively short period of time due to the cold temperature driving causing the bacteria to float to the surface and collect into clusters. Our assisting biologist Paul Hamilton identified it under the microscope provided this advice:

Learn more about the health issues here: or Français

Water testing results

The Association tests samples of water from the Lakes for phosphorus, nitrogen and E-coli on a regular basis. Volunteer and Lake Association member Carole Doré has collected samples for testing for over 15 years. Say Thank You when you see her!

L'association analyse régulièrement des échantillons d'eau des lacs pour le phosphore, l'azote et l'E-coli. Carole Doré collecte des échantillons pour les analyser depuis plus de 10 ans. Dites-lui merci quand vous la verrez!

2021: Water testing is planned for early August as usual

Protect the clean water we enjoy

Keep our water clean. Share our tip sheet with your new neighbours and renters - binder page version available.

Gardez notre eau propre. Partagez la fiche de conseils avec vos locataires - version de la page du cartable disponible.

Eurasian Milfoil - keep your boats out of the Zombie Weed

Some years, invasive Eurasian Milfoil forms a dense carpet on the lake's surface, crowding out the indigenous plant species and harming fish. It was brought in on someone's boat or fishing equipment in the 1990's. It's a Zombie Weed: each tiny piece broken off by waves or boats can turn into a new plant. Avoid areas marked with yellow buoys that mark milfoil close to the surface.

Certaines années, le myriophylle envahissant forme un tapis dense à la surface du lac, évinçant les espèces végétales indigènes et nuisant aux poissons. Il a été introduit sur le bateau ou l'équipement de pêche de quelqu'un dans les années 1990. Chaque petit morceau brisé par les vagues ou les bateaux peut se transformer en une nouvelle plante.
* Reduce Eurasian Milfoil - tips and history

Watershed map of Lac Notre Dame and Usher Lake

The map shows all inlets and outlets into the lakes. Lots are marked. Water testing locations are marked.

La carte montre toutes les entrées et sorties des lacs. Les lots sont marqués. Les lieux d'analyse de l'eau sont indiqués.

Canada Goose Action Plan

An adult goose can produce as much as a kilo of poop every day, and those droppings can contaminate our water - and your property. 6 more geese hatched at the lake in 2020, thankfully fewer than in 2018 and 2019.

Join the Lake Association

Join the Association to help fund water testing, protect the quality of our water, get updates on water quality initiatives and contribute to Association activities like placing buoys to alert boaters of heavy milfoil weed areas.

The lake dragon on Chemin du Domaines

photo of log painted like a dragon