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Tips to keep our water clean

It’s not a garden – don't dump ashes, fertilizer, or anything at all into the lake.

  • Do cut then remove the invasive Eurasian milfoil. Avoid pulling up weeds or doing anything to stir up the sediments on the bottom.
  • Avoid using fertilizer anywhere near the lake.

There are shallow areas choked with milfoil - stay clear of them.

  • Lake Association volunteers place buoys out each sprint to mark areas with heavy milfoil.
  • Your boat motor chops up milfoil into tiny pieces. Each of those pieces can grow roots and become a new plant, creating more milfoil.

It’s not a bathtub or toilet – no soap, waste or pee.

  • We test our water every summer & alert you if there is a problem near your property.
  • Keep your septic system in good repair, pumping out and ensuring there is no overflow.

It’s not a speedway – boat wakes increase erosion. Erosion brings dirt and nutrients into the lake.

  • Slow down close to shore to reduce waves.
  • In Canada, the maximum speed within 30 meters of shore is 10 kph.

Milfoil was brought in on someone’s boat – we worry Zebra mussels are next.

  • Wash your boat & equipment before you put in.

Help your guests keep the water clean

Cut and remove your Milfoil

The Lake Association encourages residents to cut milfoil themselves and remove the cuttings. Milfoil bits may also drift in that have been cut up by boat motors, and lake residents are encouraged to remove them from the lake (they make good compost!).