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Your membership pays for water testing, this website and action plans approved by the Board:

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Lake Association Meetings

Join us at our Annual General Meeting to share ideas and concerns about the lakes, water quality and the watershed. In 2020 we met online via Zoom, and had many more people attend than when we met in person. Given the continuing pandemic, we'll be online again this year, in August.

People from around the lakes attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to discuss water quality issues that have risen, to suggest changes or volunteer for a particular activity, and to vote on Association plans and board roles for the upcoming year. This is a chance to meet interested volunteers, to find out about water testing and help us plan the year's actions on milfoil, water quality, geese, and more.

The Association and what we do

The mission of the Association is to promote, protect and preserve the quality of Lac Notre Dame and Usher Lake and the watershed environment of the Lakes to ensure their continued use and enjoyment by all.

Approved minutes for each year act as a formal record of the meeting, and include the Treasurer's annual report on the Association's finances.

Objectives and mandate of the Association

  1. to establish and operate a not for profit association for the benefit of members who are owners or users of property on or in the vicinity of the Lakes for the purpose of monitoring water quality and conditions affecting the environment of the Lakes and to contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the well being of the local environment and the quality of life on the Lakes for both seasonal and permanent residents;
  1. to acquire a thorough knowledge of the Lakes and their systems and associated watersheds for the purpose of promoting their continued protection and preservation;
  1. to foster awareness of the importance and techniques for maintaining and improving the quality of the Lakes and to provide a forum for the sharing of information and experiences on scientific, administrative, legal, and financial aspects of lake, wetland, and watershed management;
  1. to monitor all factors that could have a negative impact on the water quality of the Lakes and to implement measures designed to maintain and improve the environment of the Lakes and their watershed;
  1. to organize and promote social, educational and fund-raising activities that will benefit the quality of the Lakes, the watershed environment of the Lakes and/or the Association and users of the Lakes;
  1. to foster the development of lake restoration and protection programs in accordance with appropriate management strategies and techniques;
  1. to communicate with and solicit the assistance and participation of government and private agencies on behalf of the members as required in furtherance of the mission and Objectives of the Association
  1. to receive real or personal property, grants, donations, inheritances, and other monetary contributions of a similar nature (collectively, “Donations”) and to administer these Donations, to organize fund-raising activities for the purpose of achieving the Objectives of the Association;
  1. generally, to pursue the achievement of the Objectives of the Association.

Board of Directors

3.1 The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) persons, each of whom at the time of his/her election, or within ten (10) days thereafter and throughout his/her term of office, shall be a member in good standing of the Association. If a person ceases to be a member in good standing of the Association then he/she shall no longer qualify to be a Director and must resign forthwith.

3.2 The election of Directors at the Annual General Meeting of members may be by a show of hands, but if more than the required number of Directors are nominated and stand for election, the vote shall be conducted by secret ballot. The members of the Association may, by resolution passed by at least two-thirds (67%) of the votes cast at a Meeting of members of which notice specifying the intention to pass such a resolution has been given, remove any Director before the expiration of his/her term of office, and may, by a majority of the votes cast at the meeting, elect a person in his/her stead for the remainder of his/her term.

3.3 The Directors shall strive to achieve the Objectives of the Association.
“to promote, protect and preserve the environmental quality of the lakes and the watershed, for the use and enjoyment of everyone.” Each Director shall act upon the business of the Board in a thoughtful, conscientious, financially-responsible and transparent manner. Directors are expected to take an active role in the promotion and development of the Objectives of the Association. Each Director, excluding the President and Vice President, shall serve as a liaison for a specific area of the Lakes, and his/her responsibilities shall include coordinating activities and communications between the Association and its members of the sector he/she represents.

3.4 The Board should to the extent possible have representation from all sectors of Lac Notre-Dame and at least one representative from Usher Lake.

  • Lisa Fast, President (elected July 2018)
  • Robert Boucher, Vice-president
  • Brian Cook, Treasurer
  • Dave Hayward, member
  • Bryan Watkinson, member (Usher Lake)
  • Don Herweyer, member
  • Erin Jamison, (Usher Lake representative)
  • Marie Maisonneuve, member
  • Graeme Simpson, member

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Constitution(PDF) and Bylaws(PDF)